Combination skin

I am olive skinned with combination skin on my face. It’s really light when you put it on and considering it’s an oil it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy.

I used it on my bump day and night. On my face at night and a few pumps in my conditioner when washing my hair. I used 5 pumps for my bump morning & night, 2 pumps for my face and 3 pumps in my conditioner. It went further than I thought.

It’s left my skin on my bump feeling so soft and less itchy from all the stretching it’s going through. I was nervous about using an oil on my face but my pores have got smaller and my skinner feels smoother. My hair was the biggest difference, so easy to manage, shiny and soft to touch.

I have loved the product and will definitely be ordering.

Katie - Poringland

Tame stretch marks

I have been using Argan oil each night for the last 3 weeks. I’m now 8 months pregnant and have been trying to avoid stretch marks and to try and keep my skin supple. I have fairly good skin but it has changed during pregnancy and become much drier.

I have really enjoyed using the oil. I apply it to my stomach and sides every night. I find that it doesn’t take a vast amount to cover everywhere and it soaks in quickly. I also like the smell which isn’t too over powering and in pregnancy I have found some smells make me feel nauseous.

I was worried that I had started to get some stretch marks beginning to appear but since I’ve used this I haven’t seen any further developments and my skin feels much softer than it did.

I would definitely recommend this for pregnancy.

Becki - Alfreton

Bump and Toddler

I've used the product for a week on both my now 27 week bump and also on my toddler who is 21 months. She had slight nappy rash and it helped keep it clear so I will definitely keep using it!

I used it once every evening on my bump and the stretch marks seem less raised than before. I am going to keep using it and hope it improves their appearance.

The oil doesn't feel greasy like I expected and I only use a small amount to only just cover the skin area. Compared to other creams I've used it isn't creamy and I find that I don't need to wash excess over as it sinks in well.

I really feel it is benefitting both myself and my daughter. I also love the ethos behind the brand and that it is a natural product.

Abigail - Norwich

Really beautiful product

I first found that oil suited my skin about 3 years ago, and subsequently found your web site.

I have really benefitted from twice daily use, its made all the difference to my skin, from being dry and dull to positively glowing. I realise that massaging it in is part of the process and its really brought the skin on my face back to a healthy and supple look.

I am nearly 70 years old, and I have "lived in" wrinkles, which actually look finer after application of the Agran Oil.

Thank you Ora Naturals for a really beautiful product.

Andrea - Kidlington

Soft and Supple

Absolutely love this oil, been using it for quite some time now, put it on my face at night and it leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. Great product.

Kathy - Ipswich

Amazing and gorgeous

I've been using the Ora Naturals Bath Oil (Revive) and I absolutely love it! The smell is amazing and the packaging is gorgeous too!

Definitely my go to bath and body product brand now.

Alex - Wimbledon

Armeena Khan says they smell devine

'I love the face moisturiser and the (Tranquil) bath oil. The products are lovely, they smell devine.'


Armeena Khan, International Actress
photo courtesy of ArmeenaRK publicity team

So gentle Face Cream

I had a lovely parcel arrive on Friday pm and I was so chuffed and couldn't wait to try the products. Beautiful packaging too!

Face cream is so gentle and matt on the skin - smells great. Skin scrub smells lemony fresh and is very clever as it leaves a protective layer on the skin so no need to moisturise-so smooth!!

Marina - Southwark

Face, Hands and Nails

I've nearly run out of the Tranquil Bath Oil and have just ordered some more on line. It's lovely. Leaves the skin smelling nice and soft. I've also got a bottle of Pure Argan Oil. It should go a long way, you need so little. I use it on my face and hands and I think it is definitely doing my nails good. I do have skin sensitivity and the oils are not affecting me in any way. Many thanks for these wonderful products.

Lesley - Bexleyheath

Simple but stylish

I thought the packaging was very nice and once I took the bottle (Pure Argan Oil) out I thought it was lovely.  It was simple but stylish and would look good on any dressing table or bathroom shelf.  I particularly like your story and I think more and more today people want to know where their goods come from.

I have been using the oil on very dry hands and it has really made a difference.  I thought it would feel more greasy than it was so impressed with the feel on the skin.

It is certainly a product that I would buy [again].

Pat - Gloucestershire

Relief for my hands

I have found after using Ora Naturals Pure Argan Oil on my dry hands and arms over a short period of time that they have greatly improved especially two particularly nasty areas which totally healed in just a few days leaving the skin soft and rejuvenated.

Jayne - Whitstable, Kent

Everything I need in 1 jar!

The 2 products I purchased from Ora (Daily Face Cream and Pure Argan Oil) I absolutely love because they are pure and natural and not a paraben in sight.

The face cream works a treat at night and also in the morning under my make up. Everything I need in 1 jar. The Argan Oil I use every day after a shower and it keeps my skin happy all day long.

Thank you ORA

Ann - London

Still relaxed

Enjoyed my first (Tranquil) Argan Oil bath this morning. Still feeling relaxed.

Annette - Kent

Sweet smelling heaven!

It (Revive Bath Oil) made me smile as soon as I poured into the bath. Smells amazing!

Vanessa - London

Silky smooth skin!

Used my (Tranquil) body oil which has soaked in nicely to my skin and left it silky smooth without leaving a greasy feeling. Smelt nice too 🙂

Sally - Horsham